World Heritage Journeys of the European Union

Supported by the European Union, World Heritage Journeys showcases UNESCO recognised outstanding cultural heritage in a travel platform that promotes sustainable tourism development across Europe.

The World Heritage Journeys of the European Union is a project implemented in partnership with National Geographic, and brings together 34 World Heritage sites through four different thematic itineraries; Royal EuropeAncient EuropeUnderground Europe and Romantic Europe.

Each journey is intended to help travellers develop a greater understanding of  Outstanding Universal Value and cultural heritage at large. Cultural heritage is the primary focus for this initiative, combining both built heritage, with historic and existing intangible cultural heritage expressed through the community’s living cultural values.

By including both iconic and lesser-known sites, these journeys enable people to see
Europe’s World Heritage sites from a new and exciting perspective and to ‘travel differently, travel deeper’ within the European Union.

A travel web platform has been developed showcasing the different itineraries and giving detailed information on what to discover on the sites and their surroundings, as well as activities and attractions – that could be useful to plan for a trip.

Each of the 34 participating World Heritage sites are committed to the development of sustainable and high-quality experiences that will spur investment in culture and community-centred creative industries. 

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